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Bandcamp. If you've heard of it you'll know why we are using it! If you've not heard of it you'll thank us for telling you!

Can you imagine a website where bands can upload full resolution audio files (.aiff) and you can chose what type of format your download is, and there's a minimum of third party overheads reducing the band's income.

Imagine no more because that's what Bandcamp is. By starting with the highest possible quality source, they’re able to convert our tracks into a bunch of different format and quality combinations for you to listen to, including MP3 (320, VBR V0), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC and AAC (aka .m4a or iTunes store format)

You can see why we have chosen bandcamp as our supply partner for our downloads.

Having said that In the days of our demo recordings the facilities available to up-coming bands were rather basic compared to this century!

The demo tracks were mostly recorded on a cassette based "portastudio" or in some cases directly off the sound desk at gigs but this also imbues the tracks with a certain 'patina', which given their 30+ years age is quite fitting, so please understand that these are not modern recording studio quality. We're currently leaving the tracks open for streaming so you can hear what you are getting before buying!

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Paul Mackie

When Ronnie presented this we all knew where we were goanna begin with the album. I could have sworn he was writing about the situation I was in in my personal life but he couldn’t have known and as a result I grasped at the chance to make this my own.


I love the opportunity to deliver when my own natural voice is put a side and I can become someone or something else, like method acting I guess… Musically the juxtapose in textures from section to section supports the story of love passion and the forbidden fruits...




Ronnie Brown

Harvest Moon is about fate and destiny. We all arrive at the same place, in the same condition, regardless of who we are or how we have lived.


The musical themes have been around for some time, in fact, most of the component parts were written before XXV began. It is purposely gothic, dark and violent – setting the scene for the perpetrator, who is who he is.


The Obol,
The final toll
The price of death,
For one and all.
Good or evil, great or small, 
Deliverance is the same for all



Niall Matthewson

Ronnie brought this track to the band and it really is a cracker. I love Ronnie’s lyrics and they really work with the artwork that accompanies the track.


Again, if memory serves me, Ronnie’s original version was quite long and we spent quite a lot of time experimenting with different arrangements.


The “Let Go” end chorus always sends a shiver up my spine.



Graeme MurrayOor Ronnie pitched up with this dark little piece! Loved it straight away, as soon as the skull crusher riffs kicked in. I wonder what Ron gets up to of an evening as this has a great insight into the tragedy of the Vampire!






Colin FraserColin's comments coming soon.








Outside, night sky

Pale moon, way up high

Space, time, rending torn

Air burns, something forms

Black wings, unfold 

Take flight, take hold

Bird-beast, blood lust

Suck you dry, turn to dust


Harvest moon is in the sky

Who will live and who will die?

Who will wash away my sin?

Dim the lights, the show begins


Mirror mirror on the wall

Who is the sweetest of them all

Rest in peace, antiquity

Vanquished soul and empathy

Someone loves me, this I know

The Bible tells me so


Out of your head and into the night

The human sea, the blood, the light

Over the river the hunt begins 

The primal desire, the city, the sin

Drink, drink deep from the mortal still

Drink from the heartflow, the spirit, the will


Jesus loves me! 

This I know

For the Bible tells me so

Little ones to Him belong

They are weak, but I am strong


Let go, can you see the river?  

Can you see him waiting ?

Waiting by the water

Reaching for his Obal 

Reaching for your mouth

Reaching for your soul

Do you want to cross?

Do you want the cross?



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