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Bandcamp. If you've heard of it you'll know why we are using it! If you've not heard of it you'll thank us for telling you!

Can you imagine a website where bands can upload full resolution audio files (.aiff) and you can chose what type of format your download is, and there's a minimum of third party overheads reducing the band's income.

Imagine no more because that's what Bandcamp is. By starting with the highest possible quality source, they’re able to convert our tracks into a bunch of different format and quality combinations for you to listen to, including MP3 (320, VBR V0), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC and AAC (aka .m4a or iTunes store format)

You can see why we have chosen bandcamp as our supply partner for our downloads.

Having said that In the days of our demo recordings the facilities available to up-coming bands were rather basic compared to this century!

The demo tracks were mostly recorded on a cassette based "portastudio" or in some cases directly off the sound desk at gigs but this also imbues the tracks with a certain 'patina', which given their 30+ years age is quite fitting, so please understand that these are not modern recording studio quality. We're currently leaving the tracks open for streaming so you can hear what you are getting before buying!

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Paul Mackie

A natural progression from “Winter is Coming”. A break down in society is in the air and so many people are walking around in their own digital worlds so much so that in my home town a man collapsed and died in a very public place, his 10 year old son was begging for help and no one bothered to help.


Too sad.. Lets not step over a dying man cause your facebook alert keeps beeping on you phone. So many people aspiring to be rich, aspiring to be the type of people who would “dine from your children’s shrinking bowl”  


Time for a new life..


Graeme MurrayGraeme's comments coming soon.








Niall Matthewson

I think Graeme brought this one to the table and I must say that I have a real soft spot for this one. I love the groove of it and the dark brooding under current.


I also really love the lyrics and as far as I remember, everybody contributed at least one line to it. I know its probably not to everybodies taste but I wanted the dirtiest grittiest guitar sound I could get for this. It seemed right for the subject matter.





Colin FraserColin's comments coming soon.








Ronnie BrownWake up Call slithers on its belly like a hungry snake!  The lyrics, the rhythm and the colour of the sound fuse together seamlessly. This track is an essential part of the whole.







Broken dreams

Broken promises

Broken families 

Broken people 

Broken politics 

Broken cities  

Broken everything



Slither on your belly like a hungry snake 

Living on your wits means to an end

Tricky hungry cannibals, feeding on the meek  

Gorging on the patience of souls and friends 


This dream is not your dream at all 

It's scary and its dark 

Your silken sheets won’t keep you warm at all

Think about the man who wears a sleeping bag tonight

When he smiles and says this is your wake up call


Time for a wake up call

We fight or face a fall

Time for your wake up call

And would die for us all


Broken hearts, broken minds 

Broken dignity, broken people

Broken love broken majesty

Broken everything,  



Illuminati swill a melchizedek of champagne

And dining from your children's shrinking bowl

Were’e all in this together 

Or that’s how their story goes

Now shut your face and crawl back in your hole


Your dream is not your dream at all 

It's scary and its dark

No sense of shame about them none at all

Light another cigarette and turn the Tv on 

If you listen you will hear the wake up call


Time for a wake up call.

We fight or face a fall

Time for your wake up call

And would die for us all




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