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Bandcamp. If you've heard of it you'll know why we are using it! If you've not heard of it you'll thank us for telling you!

Can you imagine a website where bands can upload full resolution audio files (.aiff) and you can chose what type of format your download is, and there's a minimum of third party overheads reducing the band's income.

Imagine no more because that's what Bandcamp is. By starting with the highest possible quality source, they’re able to convert our tracks into a bunch of different format and quality combinations for you to listen to, including MP3 (320, VBR V0), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC and AAC (aka .m4a or iTunes store format)

You can see why we have chosen bandcamp as our supply partner for our downloads.

Having said that In the days of our demo recordings the facilities available to up-coming bands were rather basic compared to this century!

The demo tracks were mostly recorded on a cassette based "portastudio" or in some cases directly off the sound desk at gigs but this also imbues the tracks with a certain 'patina', which given their 30+ years age is quite fitting, so please understand that these are not modern recording studio quality. We're currently leaving the tracks open for streaming so you can hear what you are getting before buying!

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After the release of Arrive Alive the band spent much time in their rented farmhouse rehearsal and recording facility deep in the Aberdeenshire countryside and then gave up their day jobs as record company interest was growing.

This gave them time to develop tracks for what was intended to be a double album based around a concept, though it was not intended to be one of those 'one track a side' affairs, but more a collection of tracks in various styles and lengths.

As can be heard the grandiose plans for a double album were tempered by the record company executives along with the imperative for the snappy radio play oriented material...these demo tracks hint at what could have been and contain the intended framework for the detailed storyline for the concept.


Scrolls Demo


The story starts as an astronaut finds a Time Capsule on the moon containing scrolls with ancient symbols that the astronaut deciphers as being from Atlantis, talking of magic and destruction.

The track contains initial hints of some of the musical themes to come and a section which was later used in Throwing Stones At The Wind on 'The Wedge'

Unlock a dream through pages of history
Dusty old volumes asleep on the shelf
Everyone telling his own secret story
Look for the key to open the door

Symbols that march over pages in harmony
Riches of the past dance before my eyes
Why can't I find the secret of history
The scroll tells of magic before the demise

There must be a key
The symbol is a name
It must mean this is Atlantis

Then this means destruction


Flashpoint 2 Demo


The astronaut returns from the moon and is on trial for the revelations of his discovery by the government who wish to quash the truth. The astronaut has condemned to a prison cell.

Musically this track is derived from parts of the original Flashpoint from the 'Arrive Alive' album.

(The Prosecutor)

Who Do You Think You Are?
So you’ve been to the moon
You found the Time Capsule
And you had a vision

Don't forget we saw it too
We can prove it was a hoax
Your peace talk is what they want
You are just a pawn

(The Astronaut)

Why can't you see that it was true
The evidence is there before your eyes
Call me a pawn a fool a lunatic if you like

Long ago before we even existed
Their civilisation millenniums ago
Left us a warning heed it before it's too late

(The Prosecutor)

Now you're talking dangerously
Don't forget who you are
My children look up to you
They think you're a star

You're an astronaut a hero
Not just kids look up to you
No stop that's an order
If you know what's good for you

(The Astronaut)

Why don't you believe that it was true
The evidence was there before your eyes
Call me a fool a pawn a lunatic if you like

Long before we even existed
Their civilisation millenniums ago
Left us this warning to save us from the same thing again

(The Prosecutor)

I'm sorry
This is not the way it was meant to be
I tried to reason with you
But you wouldn't listen to me
What I do is for the common good
I'm sorry
Take him away


The Cell Demo

Condemned to a prison cell for his beliefs the Astronaut contemplates his fate and the fate of the world and realises he has to break out to save the planet.

Alone I sit your nation’s man in the moon
Condemned to this cell
Like honesty’s eternal fool
On the edge of a dream which I know now was only to real
In destiny's truth, I am but a tool

Open the door before it's too late
Open your eyes before you close the gate
Imprisoned alone
Mist is clouding your head
Open your heart before our world is dead

Alone in my room with my dreams
Questioning all that I am
Is it solely for me that I'm making this stand
Words that rang true in that distant place
Too late for their own
But not for our race

Open the door before it's too late
Open your heart before you close the gate
In prison alone
Mist swamping your head
Open your eyes before our world is dead

A presence is near
Guiding the thoughts in my mind
Showing me the way to the power,
I must find my way out now this power starts to grow

Guardians of peace left so long ago

Shut out your hate
Open your eyes let me show you our fate
Imprisoned alone nothing shall stand in your way
I'm breaking out
Before it's too late


Cut and Run Demo

The astronaut has escaped his cell is now a fugitive of the law in a dystopian state that no longer recognises him by his own name. The former hero has become a non-person with an assassin in pursuit.

Cold city, runs hot with pain
Silent blades cut your jugular vein
Cut and Run
There is no escape from the gun

Tongues tie a noose around your neck
"grass stains" seal your fate
Cut and Run
There is no escape from the gun

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Run from the gun
Flee for your life
Search, search and terminate

We have read your mind
You are an enemy of the state

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Run from the gun
Flee for your life

Assassin: "John Doe"
"I have reason to believe you are an enemy of the State,
So, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the State,
I am hereby obliged to terminate your existence"


A New Age Dawns V1 Demo
A New Age Dawns V2 Demo

Ark Of Infinity Demo

Calm Before The Storm Demo

East West Demo

March On Atlantis Demo

Atlantis Demo


Rise and Fall Demo

Christmas In Atlantis


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